Open House - Fri, Jun 28th @ 6:00 pm

Veritas Classical School

Veritas Classical School

Coming Fall 2024!

Classical School in Southern Indiana

Meeting at Corydon Baptist Church

Who We Are


Veritas Classical School exists to support homeschooling parents in teaching their students Biblical Truth and training them to excel academically, to stand firm in their faith, and to be courageous, knowledgeable witnesses.


  1. Provide biblically accurate subjects and curriculum taught from a Biblical Worldview as expressed in the school’s Statement of Faith.
  2. Provide Classical style instruction that will teach students how to think and be independent learners, that will stretch and challenge them academically, that will lead them to a mastery of subjects, and  that will develop in them rhetoric skills to know and to speak truth logically and gracefully.  
  3. Provide solid Christian tutors with expertise and training in the subjects taught and who will teach from a Baptist worldview as expressed in the school’s Statement of Faith.
  4. Work alongside parents to support them in providing a quality, Christian education that will help students to be firmly grounded biblically and to reach their full potential academically.
  5. Provide courses throughout high school that will meet and even exceed beyond state graduation requirements.
  6. Provide direction for students in how to gain college credit while in high school through CLEP/AP testing and how to best prepare for college admissions.
  7. Prepare students to stand against the world’s ideologies and to succeed and thrive in college and career.

What We Believe

Abstract of Principles

The Danvers Statement

The Nashville Statement

Creation Statement

Reformed Theology

Classical Education


Veritas Classical School Information

Please understand we are still under development and final decisions need approval. Any changes made will vary slightly. 


Number of Weeks

Yearly School Registration


Class Tutor Fee
(baseline fee: fees are set by the tutor and subject to change as needed)

Elementary School
Early Elementary
Grades 1-4

24 weeks


1-1.5 hours/class
(by grade)

Year classes $100-180
Semester classes $50-90
Class material fee may apply

Elementary School
Late Elementary
Grades 5-6

32 weeks


1.5-2 hours/class

Year classes $350
Semester classes $175
Class material fee may apply

Upper School
Middle School
Grades 7-8

32 weeks


1.5-2 hours/class

Year classes $350
Semester classes $175
Class material fee may apply

Upper School
High School
Grades 9-12

34 weeks
18/semester 2


Classes may start earlier and end later depending on need.
1.5-2 hours/class

Year classes $400-500+

Semester $200-250+
Depends on instruction level
Class material fee may apply

Classes will meet one day each week on Wednesdays, and if needed, classes will be split between Mondays & Wednesdays. Teachers will provide a syllabus with a text list. Parents are responsible to purchase all class texts, supplements, and supplies. Course descriptions and teacher biographies will be available soon. Upper school  students may be dropped off, but parents are always invited to remain and even sit in on classes. Once we’ve  added elementary grades, elementary parents may be asked to remain.  

  • For the 2024-25 school year, Veritas will be offering classes for grades 5-12. If teachers are available for grades 1-4, we may consider adding them as well.  
  • We are still looking for teachers, but the plan is to offer the following classes for our first year: 
Grades 5-6 Grades 7-8 Grade 9 Grades 10-12 Possible Electives

*Upper Math prep (gr 5-8)
*Intro to Spanish Upper Science prep

Math: pre-Algebra
Algebra 1
*General Science
*Physical Science

*English 1
Math: Alg 1 & 2
possibly *NT Greek
and *Spanish 1 possible *informal logic

*History/English II-IV
Math: Geometry & Calc
Science: Physics/Chemistry
possible *NT Greek and *Spanish 1-3
possible *Formal Logic

*possible High School Counselor available to help guide students through graduation


*Teacher available

Open House

Fri, June 28th @ 6:00 pm
Corydon Baptist Church
2454 Hwy 337 NW, Corydon

Come meet the teachers and school board. Learn about Veritas and Ask questions.
The first 6 families who complete an application and are accepted into the school will receive a reduced registration cost of 25% per student!
There's an additional $50 off registration per family for every family whom you refer and who apply to the school!

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